Leaky plumbing, loose tile, drywall patch, paint touch up, installing a railing, replacing a couple of deck boards, installing a new light fixture, mounting your TV to the wall. Replacing a defective GFCI outlet.  Call 913-851-9663 for an appointment to get an estimate or schedule the work.

Wood rot issues

Rotting windows, rotting siding, rotting fascia, rotting doors, rotting decks, rotting trim… Let us rebuild your doors and windows or replace them and the siding with products that will not rot such as James Hardi Fiber Cement Siding and Quality vinyl or fiberglass windows that will last a lifetime. Call 913-851-9663 today a for a free estimate

Interior painting, Drywall, trim

Updating your wall colors. Removing old wallpaper. Repainting your trim. Removing the old popcorn ceiling and applying a knockdown texture. Gel staining your kitchen cabinets to freshen them up. Repairing the holes in your drywall.  Small repairs to whole house interior repaints. Call us at 913-851-9663 for a free estimate.

Windows, Doors and Glass

Replace fogged glass, repair windows that don’t open. Replace your old windows with new energy efficient vinyl or fiberglass windows. Repair or replace doors that are hard to open or have cold air leaking around them.  Good quality wood doors that have areas of rot can be repaired and refinished to last many more years. Most windows and doors are rotting because of poor paint jobs and can be repaired and refinished to last a long time. Call 913-851-9663 for a free estimate.

Bathroom Remodeling

Retiling your shower. Retiling around your bathtub. Replacing your tub. Creating an entirely new bathroom with beautiful tile, built in niches,  new vanities and a new configuration that works better for you. Call 913-851-9663 for a free estimate to make your bathroom into a room you love to be in.

Painting, Stucco, Siding and Exterior Trim

A quality paint job depends on quality prep work. Making sure all of the wood rot is repaired and loose, peeling paint is removed and properly dealt with.  Priming all of the bare wood and using a quality lifetime caulk, then application of a quality paint from Sherwin Williams will protect your home for years to come.

Maintaining your stucco such as making sure moisture is not getting behind it at roof flashings, or around windows and doors is very important for the integrity of your home. Call us at 913-851-9663 for a free estimate.